Casement Windows

Superior versatility makes this a top seller

Designed to deliver

Casement windows feature a traditionally British window style that offers slim sight lines for maximum light. The patented double-action bubble gasket creates a continuous seal – even in the corners – to minimise draughts.

The main feature of this unassuming model is its suitability for most properties. And once installed, these windows require minimal care. Since we customise each window to fit your specific space, you know it will fit the first time around!

Sizes and styles

Style up this versatile wonder with your brand of colouring, texture and design.

Your options include:

  • Sculptured (curved) or chamfered (bevelled) 70mm profiles (frames), with either 28mm double or 40mm triple glazing.
  • Vevo casement windows are normally internally beaded but can be externally beaded.
  • Add astragal or Georgian bars.
  • Choose from our glass designs, such as square or diamond lead and patterned glass.


Pick the one that’s best for you

Standard Casement

For natural air flow without the leakage. This window is side-hinged with sashes that swing outward. It boosts ventilation and has lower rates of air leakage compared to sliding windows.


Are you forced to use traditional timber thanks to planning or environmental restrictions? We have found a way to create a modern design that looks like traditional timber. Vevo has developed a casement window frame that fits into any property and can be foiled to look like traditional timber or to create a sleek, contemporary finish.

Bow and Bay

Light up your living space. The ultra-slim frames of Vevo’s windows increase the flow of natural light as well as creating an enhanced field of view. Add some design features, such as leaded glass, Georgian or astragal bar.