Modern technology combined with every style

At ClearVue, we keep up with the latest home technologies to make sure you have options that target all your needs – in style.  

Whether you care about saving energy, safety, beauty, or technological finesse, we can provide you with one solution.

Vevo windows are designed with an innovative PVC multi-chambered profile that is 100% lead free. Unlike most other window systems, the Vevo PVC range is one of the most modern available and was designed from scratch to take advantage of the latest developments in window engineering technology. The multi-chambered design of the Vevo PVC profile means the transfer of heat and cold is minimised, keeping your home warmer and your energy bills lower – as well as helping the environment. Additional features have been included to ensure the operation of your low-maintenance doors and windows is not only smooth and silent, but remains hard-wearing and long-lasting too.

All of this means that your windows will:

• Help you contain and conserve heat within your building in the winter

• Keep out the elements

• Resist condensation on the inside

• Contribute to improved sound insulation

Improve your home and enhance your lifestyle with windows that match your needs and your home’s beauty. While we understand that your windows need to meet your basic requirements, we also guarantee a range of styles that will add those aesthetic touches, creating a classy, luxurious, rustic, modern or retro look. Whatever your tastes may be, we have the craftsmen to deliver – precisely to your specifications.

And if you’re feeling a bit lost, get in touch with our consultants for a tour of everything our windows have to offer.

Shaped Windows

Set to fit each space

If you have a difficult spot that needs a window, we can make it happen. Our expert craftsmen are experienced at turning every nook and cranny of your home into a sight to behold. As with our standard range of double-glazed windows, Vevo‘s Shaped Windows can be made from a vast range of colour finishes, profiles, textures and styles for the look you want.

Let your imagination run free. A window doesn’t just have to be rectangular or square. What about circular, arched or even ‘oddly shaped’ windows? Vevo can manufacture windows in all shapes and sizes because we’re happy to undertake more difficult installations.

Bi-fold Windows

Open up your home

Bi-fold windows enable you to open up one side of a room to enhance light and create continuity between your indoor and outdoor space. These windows are not just a go-to for conservatories and orangeries, but are also perfect for coffee shops or restaurants, creating a spontaneous connection with the outside world that creates a lively atmosphere.

Bi-fold windows have high energy efficiency and meet the highest security standards. With a a vast range of colour and pane options, Vevo Bi-fold windows can be made to look modern and contemporary or traditional and classic – whatever style you have in mind.